Fresh out of high school, Jim Stevens knew he had a passion for being able to create art with a camera in his hand. 

Stevens attended Brooks Institute of Photography and Science for both his underrate and graduate degree programs. 

After obtaining his formal education and receiving his Master's in Photography, Stevens decided to open up his very own portrait studio in Houston, Texas. 

During the 18 years at Country Park Portraits, Stevens was able to shoot both portraits and commercial work of all kinds. 

From large format film cameras to  medium and 35 mm. cameras, Stevens has worked with it all. 

Working with customers and cliental prepared Stevens to bring new ideas and creative thinking to the classroom setting where changes peoples lives. 

From Stevens' perspective, photography opens up a world that few would normally get to see. 

Teaching Photography


Stevens loves teaching and helping others discover what photography is all about.  He has taught at the university level for over ten years and continues to be of help to past present and future students.

Whether Stevens is teaching a beginner photographer or an expert, taking a students work to the next level is his goal. 

During his time as a professor, he found that portfolios and printing are wonderful ways to build knowledge and help look back at how a photographer has improved.  

Personal training and coaching is really the key. Stevens has many professional photography friends who are great photographers, but very few are trained and or have a formal teaching background.  

Show and tell is not good enough in Stevens' mind. He will always strive to give his students more. 



Workshops are wonderful place to put into action what you are currently learning. 

Photography isn't just about traveling to great places to take picuters, it's about being able to know how you can take those pictures and what you can do different to progress over time. 

Stevens offers workshops in great locations as well as personal workshops in your town for you and your friends.  

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